Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ABC's of me

Age: 36
Bed size: California king
Chore you hate: Mopping
Dog's names: Zoe (Chiweenie) and Tito (Chihuahua)
Essential start of your day item: Soda
Favorite color: Pink and purple
Gold or silver: Silver
Height: 5'4
Instruments you play(ed): Piano
Job title: Probation officer
Kid(s): Daughter Vanessa(13) & stepdaughter Jennifer(14)
Living arrangements: Me, hubbie, two kids and two dogs
Mother's name: Sandra
Nicknames: Kris, Baby, Mom, Mother
Overnight hospital stay other than giving birth: None
Pet peeve: Chewing with your mouth open, loud music (wow I'm getting old)
Quote from a movie: ??
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: None
Time you wake up: 11am
Underwear: Bikinis
Vegetable you dislike: Brussels sprouts
Way you run late: Sleeping too long
Xrays you've had: Teeth, liver
Yummy food you make: According to my daughter my mashed potatoes are the best
Zoo favorite: Meerkat

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